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Nolan N70-2 GT Helmet

Nolan N70-2 GT Helmet

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  • Brand: Nolan
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer Part Number: N7G5270330055

Designed for urban riding, the Nolan N70-2GT is comfortable on long journeys, weekend getaways or short commutes. Suitable for both summer and winter rides, the N70-2GT has six possible configurations which you can personalize through the addition or removal of the chin bar, face shield and small peak. When the chin bar and face shield are installed, the rider experiences the same benefits of a full face helmet. With just the peak and chin bar installed, the helmet allows air to flow, while still providing the same protection of a full face helmet. With the chin bar, face shield and peak removed it becomes a true 3/4 open face helmet *- Ultra wide Pinlock ready faceshield provides a greater field of vision *- Clear anti-fog Pinlock lens included *- Fully adjustable, VPS inner sunscreen with auto quick retention *- Inner sunscreen is UV400, scratch/fog resistant and treated with Lexan *- Removable protective chin guard *- Air booster airflow system, rear air exhaust, and visor air intake vent *- Microlock2 double lever retention system *- Lexan polycarbonate outer shell *- Newly designed inner comfort padding, including removable neck-roll *- Accepts B901 R, B901 L, B601 R, MCS Nolan N70-2GT Modular Helmet Metal White

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