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Nolan N80-8 Helmet

Nolan N80-8 Helmet

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  • Brand: Nolan
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer Part Number: N885270330058

Nolan's Emergency Release System allows emergency teams to remove cheek pads from the helmet while it's still being worn by simply pulling the red tapes attached to the front of the pads themselves. The large surface of the scratch-resistant visor gives the rider a broader view assuring maximum comfort and increased active safety. AirBooster Technology ensures optimal ventilation where it's most required by extracting air from the upper air intake and forcing it into the most critical areas, avoiding dispersion, to guarantee maximum comfort in extreme riding conditions. The inner liner's net construction system pairs with the AirBooster Technology ventilation system to further aid in the movement of air within the helmet. Exceptional technical specs paired with N-Com and Emergency Stop Signal readiness make the N80-8 a premier helmet for safety and comfort in any riding condition *- NERS (Nolan Emergency Release System) *- Ultra wide visor *- Visor mechanism with tilting functionality *- Pinlock og-resistant inner visor *- Adjustable VPS sunscreen *- VPS automatic retraction system *- Microlock2 retention system *- Airbooster Technology upper ventilation system *- Clima Comfort inner padding with eco-friendly fabric *- Innovative net construction liner *- Liner positioning control *- Removable cheek pad padding *- Eyewear adaptive *- Wind protector *- N-Com ready *- ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) ready Nolan N80-8 Solid Motorcycle Helmet Metal White 3XL

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