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Studds Marshall Helmet

Studds Marshall Helmet

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  • Open-face ISI Certified helmet, comes with Regulated density EPS; Hypoallergenic liner prevents allergies and enhances comfort
  • Replaceable liner makes it convenient to wash and maintain the freshness of the helmet
  • Quick-release visor for conveniently removing and cleaning the visor
  • UV-resistant paint that prevents scratching & fading, comes in different attractive colours
  • High-impact outer shell for superior protection and safety
  • Size - 580 mm
Studds Marshall comes in various sizes and color options. Marshall is an open face helmet with unique features like - UV Resistant Paint: Long lasting and rich finish provided by UV-resistant paint which protects helmet color from fading. Regulated Density EPS: Provides maximum all-round head protection during any unfortunate impact. Hypoallergenic Liner: Protects rider from allergies or infections arising from continuous contact with damp helmet liners due to extended riding or on hot/rainy days. Quick Release Chin-Strap: Makes it convenient for the rider to open and wear helmet. Air Vents -Smartly designed ventilation system helps in dissipating heat and keeps the rider cool by allowing air to flow through the helmet. High Impact Outer Shell: The outer shell is designed with special high-impact grade thermoplastic for extra protection.

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